Author, Editor, Book and Performance Coach      

Global Mobility Cross Cultural Trainer

Wendy provides professional coaching and training services helping you, your business and your family to:

  • clarify thinking, identify action plans and achieve goals
  • thrive in new cultural contexts and through the relocation change process
  • increase business, executive, team and individual performance and capacity, maximising opportunities.

 Wendy’s focus is to help you achieve: CLARITY; COURAGE and COMMITMENT so you can:

  • embrace change
  • tackle life’s challenges
  • write, edit and publish
  • market to increase book sales
  • achieve identified goals
  • reach your peak performance
  • recognise and value differences
  • create exciting and compelling new futures
  • empower personal and professional growth
  • increase performance, productivity, market influence and effectiveness.

Wendy provides professional support, motivation and inspiration to help you succeed.

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