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London Book Fair 2016

Literary Agent and Editor: Dan K Rankin, Ontario, Canada, published August 2017, London

Editing: Derek Curzon, Family Sailaway, published February 2017, London

After meeting to discuss your needs, Wendy develops book writing, editing and publishing coaching programmes to address your specific business and personal focus. All programmes are designed around three key elements, enabling participants to: raise self-awareness; build capacity and empower professional and personal development; and optimise the benefits of change.

Wendy’s client-unique packages provide you with a way of moving from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Her coaching sessions are future-focused and about achieving measurable results in a short time, with clarity, support and encouragement.

Wendy’s book coaching is confidential, unique to each client and focuses on the client’s content and expectations. The value you gain from having a book coach and editor to help you, is that you will get to your destination with more clarity, courage and personal commitment and you will get there more quickly.

Coaching is for people who want to change something or make an improvement in their lives in a positive way. It is a two-way process, enabling you to identify, create and achieve the outcomes you want, while being motivated, inspired and empowered by your coach. It is about results rather than excuses; taking 100% responsibility for your life and your actions; and the benefits your actions deliver for you and for other people.

Wendy is a member of the Society for Authors; Society of Editors and Proofreaders; she belongs to the Bloomsbury Publishing Group, Writers and Artists; and the Coaching Academy of London.

As an expert panel member of Authorcraft – the Professional International Network for Authors – Wendy provides the following services for non-fiction and fictional authors: Book Writing Coaching; Editing Services; Reader Reports; Publisher Proposals; and introductions to reputable Literary Agents and Publishers.

Wendy’s book coaching, professional editing and recommended publishing programmes are designed for each author/client’s individual needs.

She specialises in the transformative book genre; working with books, which help to improve other people’s lives, as well as helping the writer become a published author. She also works with business books; and fiction; adult, young adult and children.


Book Editing: Zena Everett, Mind Flip, published May 2017, London



Book Writing Coaching & Editing; Durwin Banks, The Farmer Will See You Now, published January 2017, London


Book Writing Coaching and Editing: Helen Haynes, Make it Count! published September 2014, London


Lyndon Wissart's 'The Inspired Diabetic' book launch January 2017

Book Writing Coaching and Editing: Lyndon Wissart, The Inspired Diabetic, published January 2017, London


Book Writing Coaching and Editing Andrea Defries, Choiceables, published March 2017, London

Book Writing Coaching and Editing; Mary McGuire Coming Home to You, published June 2017, Dublin

Book Writing Coaching and Editing; Leila Pao Wilks, You raise me up published June 2017, London

Editing and Publishing Guidance; Douglas J Lindsay, Wren Jane Beacon Goes To War republished, May 2017, London


Book Writing Coaching and Editing: Mary Roe, Food Intolerance Solutions published June 2016, London

Book Writing Coaching and Editing; Janet K Davis, Gracie Blessing’s Quest for Treasure, published June 2017, London




Book Writing Coaching and Editing:Talita Ferreira, The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved, published November 2016, London

"Drive like a Real Entrepreneur" by Robert Frith published January 2015

Book Coaching, Editing and Social Media Marketing Services for Authors: Robert Frith, Drive like a Real Entrepreneur, published January 2015, London


Think #Digital First by Warren Knight

Editing: Warren Knight, Think #Digital First, published 2015 London




Book Coaching: Sue Whiting "How to have a Magic Memory" published March 2015, London

Book Writing Coaching: Sue Whiting, How to have a Magic Memory, published March 2015, London

Editing: George Wallace "How to Earn £50,000 a Year Part-Time" published October 2015, London

Editing: George Wallace, How to Earn £50,000 a Year Part-Time, published October 2015, London

Kevin Godier Out of Essex

Book Writing Coaching: Kevin Godier, Out of Essex, printed December 2015


Book Writing Coaching: Dr Sue Whiting, How to put the Spell in Spellings, published September 2015, London



Editing: George Wallace, The 20 secrets to successfully selling on eBay, published 2013 London


Editing: George Wallace, eBay : 10 simple steps to removing negative feedback 2015, published 2015 London

Surprise Sailaway by Derek Curzon - launching 24th November 2015 London

Editing and Social Media Marketing Services for Authors: Derek Curzon, Surprise Sailaway, published November 2015, London



Dr Sue Whiting

Dr Sue Whiting, Visual Memory Fun, published March 2016, London