Global Mobility Cross Cultural Training

“Wendy has a very professional approach and her depth of international experience and highly developed communication skills means that she provides a highly effective Cross Cultural Coaching session. She has the ability to quickly establish rapport and trust with each client, putting them at ease whatever nationality they may be, and providing them with just the right amount of training as well as coaching, for their particular needs and personalities.”

Monika Stok, CEO Crossroads Global, London & Luxembourg

“10/10. Wendy’s open and interactive course style was great and she provided lots of useful and practical information. Talking with someone who has lived and worked in Australia for many years really helped us both, and we gained lots of insider knowledge, and really enjoyed the day.”

Communicaid Client, March 2016

“I really enjoyed Wendy’s training and her professionalism and her depth of knowledge about Australia. She has really helped me become more professionally effective and in particular, has provided me with good techniques to motivate my team and to build good relations with them in the Australian context.”

Communicaid Client, March 2016

“Wendy’s participation added significant value to my client’s ability to feel confident about her forthcoming move to her new destination in Melbourne, Australia. Wendy was well prepared, knowledgeable and established a professional rapport with our client, asking challenging but appropriate questions to establish her areas of concern and where she needed guidance to understand how she could get the most out of her first Australian posting.”

Barbara St.Claire Ostwald, Coaching in Cross Cultural Awareness, UK

“Wendy’s first hand knowledge of living in Melbourne, Australia, her corporate background and highly-developed communications skills and depth of international experience combined with her obvious passion for helping others, provided the perfect coaching combination for our clients whose feedback was highly positive.”

Diane Hewatt, Lodestar Coaching, Melbourne Australia

Business Performance

“Through a series of coaching sessions with Wendy Yorke, I have been able to take my business to the next level. She has helped my company win major contracts with international clients. She has also helped me to see the most effective way to focus my efforts as an entrepreneur on achieving my business goals. I am particularly grateful for her encouraging weekly emails in which I review my progress as a manager. “

Duncan Bartlett, Founder

Japan Story “Tell me why it matters in words I understand”

“Wendy has helped us to see our business goals more clearly and set out a strategic action plan of how to get there within a realistic time frame. She has provided a professional and confidential sounding board, asking objective and probing questions; and challenging our thinking so we have come up with the solutions ourselves. We very much appreciate her on-going Marketing and Business Coaching support; and her natural ability to focus on our issues and help us resolve them with a refreshing sense of energy, creativity and motivation. She has made what could have been a dry and tedious process; a pleasure.”

Sarah Mills, Parsonage Farm, Hampshire UK

“Wendy has a professional coaching manner that enables us to concentrate and think properly about the answers to the challenging questions she asks. Her coaching provides us with clarity about the way forward and sets realistic timelines and allocates resources and divides the tasks between us fairly.  Throughout these sessions we have felt encouraged, supported, listened to, and above all, given the space to think and work out what is right for us. We look forward to working with Wendy on a monthly basis starting in April 2012.”

Sam and Carl, FilmsForWebsites, Hampshire UK

“Thanks for the encouragement Wendy, you’ve really helped me re-light my business fire and the universe is responding.”

Janie Lawson, Glamhatters, London UK

“I first met Wendy when I was brought in to work on an ongoing project involving two charities, to provide website design and marketing materials. I have now worked with her on two other occasions, one a re-brand for Parsonage Farm the other producing flyers and business cards for her and one of her clients. Wendy is an excellent communicator, she always gives a clear and concise brief and excellent feedback ensuring projects are completed well within timescales. Wendy is a joy to work with and I can highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you further your business.”

Alix Horne, Amax Designs, UK

Book Coaching and Editing

“You are my angel. Thank you for your incredible support so far. I love ‘having you ‘in my life. Thank you for your enthusiastic editing of my book.”

Gosia Gorna, Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author and Trainer, Winner of the Transformational Coach of the Year Award 2014

“Thank you for your positive feedback and coaching support. It’s really appreciated and as a result, everything is taking off at the moment.”

Dr Sue Whiting, Author “Visual Memory Fun”, published London, March 2016; “How to put the Spell in Spellings” published London, September 2015; and  “How to have a Magic Memory” published London, March 2015

“Wendy came highly recommended and I have not for a moment regretted my decision to use her as my Book Coach and Book Editor. When I first started working with Wendy, I was unwell and struggling with my workload – her experience as a Business Performance Coach was also very useful to me.  

At our first meeting, with just one question she changed my mindset, which enabled me to make significantly positive changes in my working life. Wendy is tremendously encouraging throughout the Book Coaching process and she is quick to spot how to make the book a cohesive whole. She taught me so much from her Book Editing and she also helped me negotiate the design of my book cover, which was very helpful. Huge thanks Wendy.”

Mary Roe, Registered Nurse, Food Intolerance Expert and Author “Food Intolerance Solutions”

“You have taken me forward with your enthusiasm and energy – such a good energy to have in my life. Thank you, you are very encouraging and supportive and you have a wonderful gift.”

Mary McGuire, Transformational Coach, Agents2Change 

“Wendy understood my vision and values and skilfully guided me through the writing process. Without her invaluable guidance this book may never have been completed. Thank you Wendy, you are brilliant.”

Andrea Defries, Corporate Coach, The Happy Business Consultancy 

“I have been working with Wendy for only a month now, and we work so well together. She has the passion, energy and drive which I would expect from a business coach. Particular matching those attributes of a successful entrepreneur, the subject matter of my new book. Equally, she is taking me tactically and professionally step by step into areas I had not experienced before – being the new and exciting world of social media.”

Robert Frith, Entrepreneur and Author “Drive like a Real Entrepreneur” published London,  January 2015

“Love it, love it, love it! You are amazing. I am loving the fact you give me a debrief in your email and then the Chapter to read with colour track-changed edits highlighted. Very professional, thank you Wendy ”

Book Editing for Warren Knight, Author “Think #Digital First” published London, February 2015 

“Finding book coach Wendy Yorke was such a blessing. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive, inspiring or motivating individual. She encouraged me all the way. Wendy, your enthusiasm, coaching skills and support were incredible. Thank you so much – Wendy best book coach ever.” 

Helen Haynes, Author Make It Count!” published London, September 2014

Team Development and Performance Coaching

“The team coaching sessions drew out contributions and new ideas from all members of the team that have practical application for our future use in several strategic documents; in particular the forthcoming Service Plan and team Targets; and this is testimonial to the success of the coaching that Wendy provided and of its usefulness to management.”

Fiona Mackenzie, Manager Countryside Team, West Berkshire Council

“Wendy helped me to open up and talk about what was on my mind and has been for a long time. She also helped me to come up with a better sense of order; putting things in a more constructive time frame, so I can actually do them; and feel better about myself and how effective I am in my job.”

Sarah Williams, Ranger, West Berkshire Council

“The impact of Wendy’s coaching was to help me think more clearly and be more aware of what matters to me and those aspects of my work that motivate me. Her questions also prompted me to identify what needs I have that my work role needs to fulfill. Wendy professionally guided me through a question and answer process that helped me identify and be clear in my thinking about my final career goals, what my values and strengths are, and how these impact on the work of the Countryside Team.”

Simon Barnett, Manager Rangers Team, West Berkshire Council

Personal Performance Coaching

“Wendy has a very natural supportive approach, her calm manner and gentle pace has enabled me to slow down and think in a more ordered and detailed fashion about what really matter to me and what I need to focus my attention on in order to achieve my own personal and professional goals. Her thorough and inquisitive questioning style has helped me to challenge my beliefs and look at problems from all angles. This has empowered me to find the solutions myself and move forward in my life.”

Miranda Kemp

“Wendy has a very natural coaching and helpful, supportive approach; her calm attitude; concentrated focus and gentle pace helped slow me down and think in a more ordered fashion.  Her use of open questions helped me come up with the answers myself and made me feel more empowered to take the actions that I need to take to work towards my business goals.”

Ling Tyler-Bennett

“Wendy has a professional coaching manner that enables me to relax and think deeply about the answers to the challenging questions she has asked me. I highly recommend Wendy to anyone seeking Personal Performance coaching and I will not hesitate to use Wendy’s skills in the future.”

Bernie Mooney