London Bridge copyAfter meeting to discuss your needs, Wendy develops interactive training packages to address your specific focus. All packages are designed around three key elements enabling participants to: raise self-awareness; build capacity and empower professional development; and optimise the benefits of change.

Wendy delivers Cross Cultural Global Mobility Training assignments for major international organisations across Europe, Australia and the USA.

She specialises in Cross Cultural Awareness; Diversity and Inclusion; Business and Social Protocols; Language and Effective Communications  – helping executives and their families to transition effectively into the Australia and English cultures from their own countries of origin.

Training packages are designed to raise individual self-awareness; empower professional development; and optimise the benefits of change.

She is a Senior Associate with Crossroads Global – Your Gateway to Global Success – ( One of Europe’s fastest growing Intercultural Training and Coaching consulting firms in Europe, Crossroads is based in Luxembourg, and works with international organisations to develop intercultural intelligence and enhance professional effectiveness when working in diverse teams with multi-cultural clients and colleagues.

Wendy also provides Cross Cultural Global Mobility Training and Country Specialist solution services focused on Australia and England for:


Wendy’s Cross Cultural Global Mobility Training Packages are designed for your specific needs from a core topic menu:

  • Thriving in Your New Country (Australia and England, specific cities)
  • Culture Shock; Surviving and Thriving Through the Change Process
  • Team Development and Performance Improvement
  • Business English, Core Values; Business & Social Protocols
  • Effective Communications Strategies
  • Management Styles, Client Presentations & Building Relationships
  • Australian Regional Rivalries, National Events & Their Significances
  • Spouses, Partners and Children Moving into England,  and into Australia (specific cities)